About DroidCon

In an attempt to fuel the addictive hobby of building a droid, DroidCon was created to organize a builders gathering for Droid Builders from all over the world. DroidCon is not a public event, but is more of a meet and greet gathering of old friends and new builders where we can talk droid, show off our progress and learn from others.

Don't have a droid yet? No Problem. You don't need to have a finished droid to attend. Bring what parts you have, what you've built, what you've bought... or just bring yourself!

When Is DroidCon

The fourth DroidCon gathering will be a four day event on June 7-10, 2018.

Where Is DroidCon 

DroidCon will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Holiday Inn
Indianapolis Airport
8555 Stansted
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
Phone 1-317-856-6200                    


About the Hotel

Click HERE to download a Fact Sheet on the Holiday Inn!