About DroidCon

In an attempt to fuel the addictive hobby of building a droid, DroidCon was created to organize a builders gathering for R2 Builders from all over the world. DroidCon is not a public event, but is more of a meet and greet gathering of old friends and new builders where we can talk droid, show off our progress and learn from others.

Don't have a droid yet? No Problem. You don't need to have a finished droid to attend. Bring what parts you have, what you've built, what you've bought... or just bring yourself!

When Is DroidCon III

The third (now annual) DroidCon gathering will be a four day event on June 19-22, 2014.

Where Is DroidCon III

DroidCon III will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Hilton Garden Inn
8910 Hatfield Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46231
Phone 317-856-9100                     Fax 317-856-7002


Room Rates:

Book under the R2-D2 Builders Group. Receive a discounted rate when you reserve online. Use the Group code "DRD".
$84 Double Occupancy without breakfast.

- This new new hotel is located near the Airport with free airport shuttle.
- Free wireless and wire high speed internet access.
- Hotel restaurant.
- Hotel Bar.
- Outside Patio.
- Indoor pool & Spa area.
- Fitness Center.


Conference/ Ball room is 90'x32'
(2,880 square feet).

Builders, Droids, family and friends invited.

Event Fee:

In order to cover the Conference Room rental, there will be an entrance fee of:
$15 per builder.
$25 if you have guest or family.

Any extra money collected will be donated to a children's charity.